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What they are afraid of in 2014

Today John Mauldin spoke with King World News about what the big money is talking about behind the scenes and what they are afraid of in 2014.  Mauldin, who is President of Millennium Wave Securities, also discussed what the mainstream media is hiding from the citizens of Western nations.

Eric King:  “What about 2014 as you see it, John?”

Mauldin:  “I’m a little bit more sanguine about 2014.  The markets, we need a shock, if you will, to push us one way or the other.  Either a positive shock or a negative shock.  The negative shocks that I see out there on the horizon are the European stress tests on their banks.  If they are legitimate stress tests they are going to show European banks, and especially German banks, are massively undercapitalized….
“My expectation is they (central planners) are going to fudge (falsify) them.  They are simply going to show they are undercapitalized, and tell their banks and countries, ‘OK, you’ve got to raise more capital.’

Eric King:  “John, what are some other things you are focused on as we head into 2014?”

Mauldin:  “I have to pay attention to what’s happening in China and Japan.  Japan, besides the fact that they are fighting (with China) over a bunch of rocks in the middle of an ocean that nobody would normally care about, except that it looks like there is going to be oil around it (this is what the mainstream media is not telling people, that the fight between Japan and China is really over oil).  So all of the sudden those little rocks make a difference.

Source King World News

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