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Why The Silver Bear Market Is About To End

After three years of declining silver prices, Jeff Clark from Casey Research believes the bear market is coming to an end. In particular, he is looking at several data points which he explains in this article.
First off, from an historical perspective, it seems that we have had 7 bear markets over the past four decades. Four of them lasted longer and three were shorter. Four declined less than today; two were about the same; and only one was significantly deeper.

Over the past 40 years, there has been no bear market that would extend the low past this October. It seems safe to conclude that the end of the down cycle is in or close.

Below are several data points which signal that current prices cannot last too much longer.

1. The US Mint (Still) Can’t Keep Up with Demand

2. Silver ETFs Have Net Inflows (Again)

3. Jewelers Love Low Prices

4. India Just Won’t Stop Buying

5. China: More Silver for Solar

6. Supply Sources Are Concerning

Source GoldSilverWorlds


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