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Why You Should Absolutely Never Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Physical gold investors hear it all of the time: there is not only intrinsic value in gold, but also intrinsic disadvantages.

These disadvantages are no doubt why bitcoin has had such sucess internationally.

The most noted of these problems is the simple fact that gold is not easily transportable. Not only does physical gold (and even more so silver) come with actual physical weight, but it also comes with a whole host of worldwide regulation when it comes from moving gold from one slave-ship (read: nation-state) to another.

Imagine packing up one million dollars of gold to take aboard a plane.
In fact, twice in December 2013 an airplane cleaning crew found stashes of gold hidden in plane bathrooms. A maintenance crew found two duffle bags full of 24 gold bars, weighing 53 pounds and worth $1.2 million, stashed in a bathroom compartment. Before that, $1.9 million was found by a cleaning crew: 280 gold bars. Likely, the individuals carrying the gold got nervous, potentially thinking the authorities were onto them.

What Are Your Options?

Be sure you are diversified. It is smart to buy physical gold and silver in various forms. Always be spot sensitive, but diversify within these metals (coins, bars, jewelry, antiques, art).

The easiest way to diversify away from what might be a “bullion” heavy gold and silver portfolio is to buy jewelry. But, be careful what kind of jewelry.

While gold jewelry has been tradition for thousands of years, it has been tradition in the USSA to make cheap gold products, often at 14k (58.5% pure gold content). Even then, a lof of these products fall under the true 14k mark. (some even fall shy of 10k!)

That’s why we encourage people to look into 24k gold.

Source The Dollar Vigilante

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