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Your PREMIUM OFFER with GoldMoney – Get 6 months of free storage

We are starting a series of articles on this blog about how to buy PHYSICAL precious metals.  We are only promoting precious metal dealers online that have an online facilities with personal customer service for you to safely buy (and sell) your PHYSICAL gold and silver. Our team members have long experience with several precious metal dealers.

On this article we’ll focus on GoldMoney, our most trusted dealership of physical gold and silver.

GoldMoney was launched and began operating in 2001. With customers in over 100 countries, it is now globally recognized as a leading precious metals dealer. GoldMoney is built upon the principle that gold is money.

GoldMoney is owned by well-established investors, including IAMGOLD (one of the 10 largest Canadian gold mining companies) and Eric Sprott, Founder & Chairman of Sprott Asset Management. Other notable shareholders include Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research, and David Tice, Founder of the Prudent Bear Fund. The Turk family is also a major shareholder.

It is GoldMoney’s vision that the benefits and dependability of gold and silver should be easily available to everyone, while providing its customers with assurances of integrity so they know their money is safe. GoldMoney offers the best way to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium online and storage for all of these precious metals.

Buying from GoldMoney it’s very easy and you can follow the steps explained below:

Sign up for free and become a customer within minutes:

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up for Holding

  • Type in Personal Information (as shown on your Identity Document)
  • Affiliate code at GoldMoney is goldreference (6 Months FREE Storage)
  • Verify email address and you have your own Holding in 1-2 minutes!

Step 2: Transfer Funds

  • All Fund Transfers are done via an International Money Transfer
  • Start by pressing the “Add Funds” button and type in amount
  • Use then the IBAN/BIC and individual Transfer Code received
  • For security measures all Funds need to arrive in your name

Step 3: Buy Metals Online

  • When Funds are added to your Holding you will receive an email
  • Enter your Holding 12-34-56-X and password in Customer login page
  • Choose Gold or Silver, the amount and which storage operator prefered
  • Congratulations!! You have now purchased physical metals online

Step 4: Complete Identity Verification

  • Enter your Holding 12-34-56-X and password in Customer login page
  • In order to complete your Basic Holding start activation process
  • Enter Bank Account Details from your local home country bank
  • Upload a Bank Document and Photo ID to complete Identity Verification

If you have any further questions on how it works, GoldReference Team has several years of experience with GoldMoney and we would be more than happy to help you if questions along the way. Send an email to info@goldreference.org or just drop us a line on our Contact Us page.

GoldMoney also has a Contact Centre via Chat Online and Telephone with a professional and committed staff showing an excellent service towards each new and existing client. Their opening hours are 9.00 – 17.00 GMT during week days.

GoldReference Team

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